Monday, March 26, 2012

Congratulations, You're Mediocre.

So it's self-evaluation time here at work. 

I don't know how it goes at other worky places, but at my job it means HR sends out a form with categories such as "Team Work," "Communcation," and "Job Knowledge."  We then get to assign our awesomeness (or lack thereof) a numerical value from 1-5 in each category.  The final result is a (hopefully) double-digit number that is then submitted to your supervisor as proof of your job skillz.

This self-eval also happily coincides with annual review time, so you get to find out rather quickly just how differently your supervisor ranks your abilities.

Supervisor-Type Person:  Alycia, I noticed you gave yourself a "5" for 'Productivity & Initiative'.  Could you explain why you graded yourself so high?

Me:  Oh, well since I have put in more than my fair share of hours over the last year, I thought it appropriately reflected all the work I've been doing.  You sign my timesheets, so you must know that the last time I worked only 40 hours or only 5 days in a week was sometime in mid-2011.  I've also done a lot for the facility during the expansion, helping keep things organized and running smoothly, even though we all wanted to cry most of the time.  *uncomfortable laugh*

Supervisor-Type Person:  mmhmm.  mmhmm.  Well, I gave you a 2.  Would you like to know why?

Me:  Uh, erm, yes...?

Supervisor-Type Person:  I know you think you've been working a lot.  And you obviously think you've done a lot for the group.  But the fact of the matter is, you could do more.  Remember that day last month you left early?  Well, that shouldn't be happening...

Me: grandmother died...

Supervisor-Type Person:  ...especially when we're so busy.  Take a look at Jen - she worked 96 hours last week plus took data home to review.

Me:  But she collapsed from exhaustion and ended up in the hospital.

Supervisor-Type Person:  Excellent dedication.  SHE deserves a 5 for 'Productivity & Initiative.' 

Me:  -_-

When my self-eval was all said and done, I had given myself an overall score of 27, which basically meant I gave myself '3's on almost all of the categories.  I'm not one to toot my own horn, ya know? 

After I submitted it though, I got to thinking (dangerous).  To toot my own horn for just a sec, I am one of the hardest working people person in my group.  My general lack of sanity/free time is an excellent indicator of this fact.  So that being said, if the hardest working individual in the group is giving herself THREEs, then how are the ahem, slackers, in my group scoring themselves? 

I admit, perhaps I should have given myself higher marks, but when it comes right down to it, all the crazy/horrible/stressful hours and work I put in are my job, so is extra recognition really warranted for only really doing what is necessary?


  1. I have a hard time with those self evaluations. I either don't want to pat myself on the back too much or admit to my failure. I usually end up being pretty average myself.

    1. Precisely. I really don't see the point in having people do them for those exact reasons.

  2. If there's money in it, I'd be scoring myself 5's. Mostly. Okay, maybe not. But you, I mean, I should.

    1. I may have contemplated stealing back my original and reprinting one with all "5"s on it...but my fear of getting caught doing something wrong won out.

    2. Hi Alycia;
      You can't steal something that's yours; you're just revising it.
      Here's how it should go:
      Supervisor-Type Person: Alycia, I see you gave yourself all "5's" Could you explain why you graded yourself so high?
      Alycia: Yes, because I haven't killed any supervisor-Type People.......yet.