Sunday, February 26, 2012

No, I'm not crazy, I just have more interesting conversations with myself than I do with you.

I'm not sure I really need to write anything in this post since the title is so descriptive.  


I guess I'll elaborate, though.  

As I sit here, watching Resident Evil instead of The Oscars (much better TV, if you ask me), I find myself having mental conversations with myself.  

This is not a rare occurrence.

I frequently find that my best conversations happen in my head, or out loud but to myself.  You talk to yourself too, don't even try denying it.  I talk to inanimate objects too, and to my pets...I am convinced this is normal, but apparently not everyone shares the same feelings.  

Tell you a story:  I received a text a few days ago from my friend Jillian (wifey of my bffl, Mel, who will most likely berate me for days for using the term "bffl").  My phone, which is a major POS considering it was expensive and should work better than it does (no, I don't have an iPhone <----loser), did not recognize Jillian's number.  Due to this technological failing, I had to inquire as to the name of the text's sender - Jill told me it was her, and I promptly told my phone that it was a piece of crap and that I hated its existence.  

Via Jillian.  But directing comments towards my phone.

Apparently this is not normal?   Jill seemed to not think so.

So I talk to in animate objects.  Don't judge me.  

Have you ever had a pretend conversation with a person in your head, and then see said person later on and can't quite remember if that discussion actually happened in real life or not?  

Or have an argument with someone, get all tongue-tied during the argument, and then later on come up with the Best-Zingers-of-all-Time as you replay the argument in your head, but it's now too late to use them because said argument happened a week ago?

OR make up some sort of pretend relationship in your mind with someone you're not really close with, but are convinced could be THE ONE if only these amazing experiences you're having in your head could only be brought to fruition in real life?

Ok, that last one sounds a little creepy stalkerish when written down, but whatever.


  1. I'm not going to judge "bffl" on account of it suited my personal needs on my post today.

    Also, all of those things are normal. I try to tell Jillian this. She doesn't understand what I mean when I talk about the imaginary relationships I have with people I hardly know. Then it's awkward when you talk to people in real life after so much has happened in fake life. Erm.

    1. I'm so much wittier/funnier/better in fake life convos. Too bad I can't just project my thoughts out loud, cause that'd be kickass. Or would just get me into trouble...a lot.

  2. I gave you a blog award even though you probably can't follow the rules.

    1. bahaha YES! I'm going to go blog-stalk so I can follow said rules.

  3. I talk to my dog a lot. Does that count?

    Also, do you know they are coming out with a Resident Evil 5? What the hell?

    1. Ally, I talk to my dogs too. And my cats. And my horses...none of which answer back in people-speak, so it's really just more of talking to myself. *sigh*

      And no, I didn't know they were coming out with a Resident Evil 5. I have just one question...


    2. I have no idea. The fourth one was beyond awful. I will probably still go see the 5th one though. lol.

    3. I don't know if I even saw the 4th one...oh well, I'll most likely end up watching that and the 5th one whenever it eventually is on TV. Nothing like kicking some zombie butt.